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Game 2 of Super Regional to Continue Monday Afternoon

Sunday night's Game 2 with resume Monday afternoon at 3:00 central with the game in the bottom of the 7th, MSU up 5-3


Lots of bad weather has forced the completion of Game 2 to Monday afternoon. Hunter Refroe will be at the plate with an 0-2 count when play resumes.

This sucks because MSU was just 6 outs away, but it's not all that bad in that Chad Girodo had probably reached the end of his night and Holder can definitely go the final two innings this afternoon.

Based on this schedule from, the resumed game will be on ESPN2. If Virginia somehow comes back to force a Game 3, it would take place 55 minutes after Game 2 ends and be on ESPNU. Mississippi State would be the home team again for that one, which hopefully won't happen.

The weather channel says there is still lots of rain in the forecast. To the tune of 70% at 4:00 local time (I'm writing this at 9:30 CST).

We'll see if we can get this one in. Surely we can finagle playing a couple of innings before the night is through. Hail State.