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Top Plays in Mississippi State Football History: No. 54-Ray Ray Runs the Wildcat

While some people like to say this was the birth of the formation, it had been in action for a long time before the Bulldogs used it. However, the play did have a few new wrinkles, and it proved an exciting way to help Mississippi State snag the 2001 Egg Bowl.

When Ray Ray Bivines came to Mississippi State, there was little doubt the Gautier High School product had the potential to make special plays. He did just that in the 2001 Egg Bowl when Mississippi State scored a touchdown out of the (the soon to be known as) Wildcat formation.

The score, following an interception by Korey Banks, helped Mississippi State pick up an exciting win in what had otherwise been a disappointing season (a season with four losses by a touchdown or less) for the Bulldogs.

While some fans like to claim this to be the invention of the Wildcat, a single wing with a dual threat quarterback had been run in some variation since the days of Jim Thorpe. However, leading up to 2001, it was not all that common to see a different player come under center with the quarterback splitting to the wide out position as the Bulldogs did in this game.

The Bulldogs claimed the Golden Egg by the score of 36-28. It would be the last Egg Bowl victory for Jackie Sherrill.