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Top Plays in Mississippi State Football History-No. 60: Brandon Heavens Blows up Two Wolverines

Anytime a block overshadows an 81-yard run, someone did something special.

The 2011 Gator Bowl looked to be a bit of a coming out party for the Mississippi State Bulldogs as they destroyed the Michigan Wolverines on New Year's Day in Jacksonville. Everything about the game testified to the beating delivered to the Bulldogs' opponents from Ann Arbor that day.

  • Worst bowl loss in school history--Check
  • 42 unanswered points by Mississippi State--Check
  • Opposing coach pitchforked out of town after the game--Check
  • Out-muscling a B1G foe and whipping them with SEC Speed--Check

In that game, Brandon Heavens did not show up much in the statistics. He finished with two catches for 12 yards. He also threw one hellacious block that took down two Wolverines to spring Ladarius Perkins on an 82-yard catch and run with the rout in progress with about one minute to play in the third quarter.

Even though the announce team missed the block at first, most Bulldog fans (the sophisticated fans that the Maroon and White faithful are) did not miss the hit. When a block overshadows, while still contributing to, a pass play of 81 yards, it must have been a pretty nice one.