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Could we see this helmet in this year's Egg Bowl?

A glimpse at a helmet on display at last night's Big Dawg Camp; could we see this helmet this year?


Last night was the annual Big Dawg Camp; the yearly camp where MSU's coaching staff invites in prospects from around the south to compete and show what they have, and maybe get on MSU's radar for the first time (see: Chris Jones).

And with all of those recruits in town, what better time to show off a potential new uniform addition, right?

Someone snapped this picture of a gold -- and we do mean GOLD -- helmet on display for last night's camp.

Could we see this helmet this year, perhaps in the Egg Bowl? It's a possibility, but keep in mind that these types of promotional helmets and/or uniforms are used for display and school promotion, but may not necessarily mean they see the field this year. Ole Miss also revealed a similar helmet recently, so this may be something that all teams do just to drum up recruit interest. You know kids these days; they're all about the flashy.

I'm sure you all will have nothing but good things to say about these.


[h/t Matt Wyatt]