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MSU Football Uniforms

WATCH: Mississippi State unveils black uniforms for Dec. 12 game vs. Auburn

Check out this video from @HailstateFB unveiling black uniforms for Mississippi State’s game against Auburn

Mississippi State Unveils New Military Appreciation Uniforms

Mississippi State will wear these new uniforms during the Arkansas game on November 17th

Who is Mississippi State’s defensive X-factor?

While Montez Sweat has already proven to be special, he has shown that there is much more in store for fall.

How Mississippi State’s Erroll Thompson will steal SEC headlines

It takes one who is fearless to lead a defense, as this Bulldog is ready, willing, and able.

Mississippi State Releases Preseason Camp Roster

The official preseason camp roster has been released. We’re now a few weeks away from real, live college football.

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Mississippi State black uniforms revealed for Kentucky game

Last year, Adidas released multiple special uniform combinations for MSU games in the preseason. This year, it's Friday the day before a blackout game and the school, not Adidas, has finally teased out the much-anticipated black uniforms for, you know, the blackout game. MSU and Kentucky kick tomorrow night at 6:30 on the ESSS EEE CEEEE Network.

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Are These the Mississippi State Bulldogs Cleats for the LSU Game?

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Adidas Managed to Surprise Mississippi State AGAIN with Uniform

It looks like Adidas and Mississippi State were not expecting the same thing out of the jerseys that the Bulldogs wore Saturday night in Hattiesburg. A fan asked Mississippi State Athletic Director Scott Stricklin about the lack of numbers on the shoulders of the jersey, and the conversation can be found at the top of the post. Honestly, I never even thought about the missing numbers. Even being more honest, I had forgotten about them being on the shoulders until I read this. After going back and looking, they were sitting there on the jerseys for the Orange Bowl. When it comes to Adidas, at least Mississippi State did not look like Louisville or have hidden adult language last night.

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Mississippi State gets long awaited white "100-year" uniforms for Orange Bowl

YES YES YES YES YES. Well done, Scott and company! If you can't tell, I'm pretty pumped about these.

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Here's Mississippi State's Egg Bowl helmet

It's quite shiny. State and Ole Miss will kick off at 2:30 Saturday on CBS.

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What is Adidas up to?

Okay, so Adidas and the Mississippi State football account both tweeted this image out yesterday. It features a date -- the date of Saturday's big game between Mississippi State and Alabama -- as well as a supposed new pattern created by Adidas featuring a bunch of words associated with the MSU program. So what are we to think of this? Is Adidas teasing a specialized uniform for Saturday's game? It certainly wouldn't be the first time. Adidas has been known -- at least with fellow maroon client, Texas A&M -- to break out special uniforms for big games. The tweet's teased new material may have also been revealed though, as pictures of a new cleat were leaked yesterday as well. There's also the chance that Adidas is simply hyping up a big game for its #1 client on Saturday. They have been pushing the MSU brand everywhere lately -- including the homepage -- so this may be just another effort to push the MSU/Hail State "brand". Many have speculated that Adidas may be breaking out the long-desired "white 100-year road alternate unis" on Saturday, even though AD Stricklin has stately publicly that those are a no go for this year. So in summary, this tweet could mean anything from new threads to "go team!". We'll just have to wait until Saturday to see which.

Adidas unveils MSU uniforms for Egg Bowl

After being leaked last week, Adidas today officially unveiled MSU's uniforms for the 2014 Egg Bowl.

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Is this Mississippi State's Egg Bowl uniform for this year?

Could this be Mississippi State's Egg Bowl uniform for this year? It appears as though the design leaked a bit early, although with the game coming quickly, I'm not sure how much longer the school planned to sit on the design. I honestly expected them to announce it during one of the bye weeks, but that did not come to fruition. The biggest thing you notice here is the state outline shapes in a two-toned gold inlaid into the numbers. I don't just HATE the goldish unis like some have and will again, and I was hoping if we got any new uniforms this year that it would be the road white version of the 100 year unis. We shall see if/when MSU releases the unis following the leak, or if they sit on them until game week.

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The white commemorative uniforms have hit the stores; will we see them on the field this weekend?

We talked about the possibility this morning, and behold! They have appeared in stores. Now will we see these on the field this weekend for Mississippi State? Certainly looks like a strong possibility now.

Will MSU get white versions of commemorative uni?

There has been some talk over the last week or so about MSU getting white, road versions of its popular 100-year commemorative uniforms.

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MSU will wear the "100 Year" uniforms on Saturday

These uniforms are awesome and undefeated so we're wearing them again.

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Mississippi State wearing 100-year commemorative uniforms vs. Texas A&M

For the third time this year and second straight game, Mississippi State will wear its crowd-favorite 100-year commemorative uniforms. As most know by now, the uniforms were originally designed only for the season opener, but they've been so popular that State has brought them back several times. The Bulldogs are undefeated in the unis this year so far.

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Mullen says to expect another special Egg Bowl uni this year, but no gold helmets

Head football coach Dan Mullen teased some uniform news this week to the Clarion-Ledger's Michael Bonner when he told Michael that the gold helmets from last year's Egg Bowl will not be making a return. Dan also noted that fans should expect another specialized uniform for this year's Egg Bowl. MSU wore special uniforms for last year's game as well as the 2012 edition in Oxford. If that is true, we could/should see an announcement and reveal on those sometime soon, should MSU continue with how it has done uniform reveals in recent seasons. State may also elect to keep them a secret until the week of the game this year; we simply won't know which way they will go until the time comes.

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MSU will wear these helmet stickers in honor of Jack Cristil

In honor of legendary MSU radio voice Jack Cristil, who passed away at age 88 late Sunday night, Mississippi State will wear these helmet stickers for the remainder of this season and presumably going forward for the foreseeable future. I was hoping we would see some sort of quick turnaround on a uniform patch or helmet sticker to honor the voice of the Bulldogs, and this works perfectly. Sure, I would have loved to see the picture of Jack smoking a cigarette all casually, but this works well. Good job by Scott Stricklin and company on getting this turned around so quickly.

Make Saturday's uniforms permanent home unis

MSU rolled out commemorative uniforms on Saturday versus USM in honor of 100 seasons of football at Scott Field. The uniforms are a throwback to the great ones of the 90s, and after an overwhelmingly positive response, they need to become permanent.

MSU makes uniform changes for Saturday

Due to a ruling by the NCAA, MSU will no longer wear the Hail State uniforms previously planned for Saturday's game versus Southern Mississippi.

MSU officially unveils special uniforms for opener

After a picture leaked earlier in the week, we finally got to "officially" see the new uniforms for MSU football this afternoon, which will be worn for the season opener against Southern Mississippi.

New MSU football unis leaked a bit early [PIC]

It appears as though the new uniforms MSU and Adidas were going to reveal on Thursday have leaked online, and they look awesome.

MSU teases football uniform updates for Thursday

It looks like Mississippi State and Adidas will reveal some variation of an update to the MSU football uniforms this upcoming Thursday.

MSU to Wear Gold Helmets in the Egg Bowl

After looking to wear all maroon in the Battle for the Golden Egg, it looks like Mississippi State will wear gold helmets Thursday night.

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MSU wearing maroon version of 'Snow Bowl' helmets Saturday?

MSU, Adidas reveal specialized Egg Bowl unis

Mississippi State and Adidas today revealed new uniforms for the 2013 edition of the annual Egg Bowl rivalry game. They will probably (make you mad | make you love them | meh), of that there is no doubt.

MSU to reveal new uniforms on Thursday

We've seen other Adidas schools reveal tweaks to their jerseys already this fall, so it's logical that some changes, even if minor, were coming for State as well.

Could we see these gold helmets in the Egg Bowl?

A glimpse at a helmet on display at last night's Big Dawg Camp; could we see this helmet this year?