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Top Plays in MSU Football History: Play 57-Christian Ducre Seals it vs. Auburn

Let's be honest, the Sylvester Croom era did not yield many highlights for the Bulldogs, but the 2007 season had a bit of fun in it as the Bulldogs played their way to the Liberty Bowl.

By the time the 2007 season rolled around, Mississippi State fans had valid cause to wonder about the state of their football program. The Bulldogs had not won more than three games in a season since the year 2000, and in that span, the Maroon and White had a dismal 11-41 record in SEC play.

When Mississippi State opened the season with a 45-0 loss at home to No. 2 LSU to open the season, many fans felt the season would go down the crapper again.

The momentum of the season shifted for good when Christian Ducre reeled off a pair of back to back runs in the fourth quarter to give Mississippi State a 19-14 win on The Plains against Auburn, a team Mississippi State had not beaten since 2000. In fact, the Bulldogs had lost the last six meetings by an average score of 34-9 and had been shut out in the two previous match ups.

While this did not prove to be the biggest win of the season, the Tigers proved to be a capable squad, eventually winning the Chik-Fil-A Bowl against Clemson to close the season.