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MSU 30 for 30: Top Plays in Bulldog Football History-No. 11, Anthony Derricks Deep-Sixes Auburn

Anthony Derricks's interception helped Mississippi State defeat a ranked Auburn team on the accomplishment that the Bulldogs would wait nearly a decade to accomplish again.

In 1997, Mississippi State scored a huge shutout victory on the road against the Auburn Tigers. One of the the key plays in that game was this pick-six by Anthony Derricks. The win pushed the Bulldogs into the ranking for the first time that season, and when Mississippi State won the next week on the road in Tuscaloosa against the Crimson Tide, they really did own Alabama.

While the season ended with a disappointing loss in the Egg Bowl followed by the disappointment of having a seven-win season but no bowl trip, the season, especially the win over a ranked Auburn squad helped set the stage for what would follow the next few seasons.