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It looks like MSU will reveal new uniforms on Thursday

We've seen other Adidas schools reveal tweaks to their jerseys already this fall, so it's logical that some changes, even if minor, were coming for State as well.

Late last night, the official MSU Football Twitter account teased out that something was coming on August 22nd by releasing a very short video.

In that video, we catch a glimpse of an MSU football player putting on his helmet, and then it flashes up a date, the date for Thursday, and then it flashes Adidas' logo on the screen.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist (thank goodness, because I'm far from it) to realize that this teaser tells us that new uniforms will be revealed on Thursday. Now, I'm sure that the people who just love Adidas' recent work for State are thrilled that yet another different design is coming out or this year (whay can't we just play the dad burn games Dan and quit wurryin bout the threads?!)

Two things that might quell any fan worries:

  • We've already seen several Adidas school's reveal new uniforms this fall, and some have been with minor changes made. Some have had more significant changes, sure, but I can imagine that was done at the school's request. And even the ones that have had more change I think still look great. The Louisville one in that first link definitely looks great, so lets hope ours are along the lines of those. If I had to guess about what would be different for MSU's jerseys this year, I'd venture to guess that it will be minor tweaks here and there, with maybe a special alternate uniform revealed with or one game.
  • THEY'RE JUST UNIFORMS. Seriously. I haven't seen people get so up in arms about some shirts and pants since I started dressing myself and my mom said I couldn't wear wind-suit pants and my ninja turtles shirt everyday (I was 23). It's important to remember that these are, primarily, or the current players and recruits benefits, not ours.

There's a chance that we already know what the jerseys will look like, if Adidas stays true to form to what they did in 2012. Last season, we saw Texas A&M, our new SEC brethren, get their new jerseys revealed, only to have ours revealed a short time after, and for them to be essentially the same. We've already seen what theirs (A&M's) should look like this fall, so there's a strong chance that ours are of the same vein, if not identical. Just change the Texas to Mississippi and call them throwbacks. Those work for me!

So, sit back, grab a bottle of something strong and get your favorite message board open, because it looks like tomorrow is uniform day!