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Ten Burning Questions for the Mississippi State Bulldogs: No. 10-Which Wide Receiver Will Emerge as the Go-To Man in the Passing Game

As we move to ten days from kickoff, the crew at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls attempts to answer the big questions facing Mississippi State as the Bulldogs head into the 2013 season.

Stacy Revere

One of the big question marks for Mississippi State in 2013 is the wide receiver position. The Bulldogs lost their top four receivers at the end of 2012, and they must be replaced. The candidates to replace them all look to have potential, but now they have to turn that potential into production.

Here is the best guesses from your humble writers at as to whom will emerge as the go-to player for Mississippi State in the passing game in 2013.

From Metal Building Dawg: Robert Johnson. I think RoJo emerges and plays in the same vein as a Chris Smith or Arceto Clark in the past. I don't know that he'll really be the "go-to" guy in crunch time, but he will be the most consistent-40 catches 500 yards is my prediction.

From The Cristil Method: If he can just put last year behind him, I think Joe Morrow can. The size is there, and he has a year's worth of experience behind him so hopefully, he's worked the dropsies out of his system. I think once he plays within his frame and learns to use his body in positioning, he could be a huge asset to MSU, especially down near the redzone. I think this is Joe's year, and finally! A talented, big MSU receiver breaks out.

From RobNolaDog: Jameon Lewis. I don't think we'll see Bumphis like numbers from him, but I think Lewis will be very effective in the slot and be the go-to guy on third down.

From justinrsutton: Of all the returning wide receivers, Robert Johnson has the most catches, and he has the only touchdown receptions (2) from 2012 on the two-deep for the position. I'm looking for Johnson to break out in 2013 and lead the team in receptions and yards. At 6-1, 215, the junior has the size to be a great target for Tyler Russell. Joe Morrow may lead the team in touchdowns (should be a huge red zone threat), but Johnson will be the guy to help get the Bulldogs down the field in the passing game.