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MSU 30 for 30: Top Plays Countdown Number 9-Norwood Stuns Florida

In the same year that saw Mississippi State drop a decision to Maine, the Bulldogs, led by a final touchdown by Jerious Norwood, stunned the Florida Gators 38-31 in Starkville marking the end of the Ron Zook era at Florida when he got "Croomed."

Every school has a few players in their history that had amazing talent but happened to show up at school when the team was in the midst of some horrible years. That was the case for Jerious Norwood at Mississippi State, and while his team did not produce many highlights, he and the 2004 Bulldogs will always have their win over Florida.

This was not necessarily the Florida powerhouse that came to Starkville in 2000, but they were a ranked opponent from the SEC making the trip to Davis-Wade Stadium. That alone was enough to convince most Mississippi State fans that the Bulldogs were in trouble. Just a few weeks earlier, 1-AA Maine had come to town to stun Mississippi State, so surely the Florida Gators might destroy the Bulldogs.

Every time it looked like Florida could pull away, the Bulldogs kept the game close. A punt return earlier in the game rallied the Bulldogs, and with less than a minute to play, Norwood put the Bulldogs up for good.

The loss led to the firing of Ron Zook the next day in what would be called getting "Croomed."