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10 Burning Questions for 2013: No. 6-Which game on the 2013 Schedule is the Most Important for the Bulldogs to Win?

There are several games on the schedule that the Bulldogs would like to win, 12 in fact. Which one is the most important one for Mississippi State to win?

Butch Dill

Every year fans circle certain games a big games or must-wins.  No doubt fans have already done the same for the 2013 season for the Bulldogs.  There are a few gimmie wins on the schedule in 2013, but there are also a few difficult games and a couple that would take an upset victory.

The gang at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls took a shot at finding the most important game for the Bulldogs to win in 2013.

Oklahoma State or Auburn. MSU cannot go 1-2 with LSU and the rest of the schedule looming because they will most likely have to beat Arkansas and Ole Miss just to go 6-6. Not to mention the air 1-2 would let out of the balloon.

--Metal Building Dawg

It has to be LSU.  Dan Mullen is still looking for a signature win, and I think LSU presents the best opportunity for that.  Not to mention the fact that we haven't beaten them in about two decades.  I think an Oklahoma State win is nice, but it's out of conference, and an Auburn win is solid too, but we've had those.  I think to prove something in year five, it's got to be that LSU game.  That, or maybe one of the three games in that absolutely brutal three game stretch late-October/early-November.  It should be noted that I wouldn't go so far as to pick this as our "big win" this year, but I do think as far as what *would* be the biggest if we could win, then I'd definitely say LSU.

-- thecristilmethod

Auburn. This is pretty much always the most important game on the schedule in determining whether we go bowling or not. No change this year. Beating Auburn gives us a chance to start 4-0 or 3-1 and we need
that momentum considering the back half of the schedule.


Because of where it falls on the schedule, the Auburn game is a bit of a must win for Mississippi State.  It give the Bulldogs a chance to be 3-1 at worst going into the LSU game, and with the schedule as it is, a win should keep Mississippi State playing above .500 the rest of the year. Two other games that jump out are on the road at South Carolina and at Little Rock against Arkansas. Arkansas should be a winnable game, and Mississippi State has had close battles with South Carolina the last few years.  Picking up a win over the Gamecocks would be huge during the tough finish of the season.


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