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Opening Odds: Oklahoma State opens as 12.5 point favorite over Mississippi State

NOTE: technically, odds for this game have been "open" for a while. However, since our practice last year was to post odds typically just after they opened on Sundays following the previous game, we decided to do so here as well.

Ed Zurga

Oklahoma State has opened as a 12.5 point favorite over Mississippi State for Saturday's Texas Kickoff Classic, according to sports betting site

The odds, which have actually been public for the game for quite some time, haven't really fluctuated much since they opened around 11.5. Given Oklahoma State's predicted success coupled with where prognosticators expect MSU to finish in the SEC, this line really doesn't surprise me. Following State's late season struggles last year, we may see more lines like this, except for maybe in MSU home games, until State proves it can play some closer games either in neutral situations or on the road.

My personal feelings are that this is about right. I could see this being a two touchdown win, unless State comes out and defies what many expect to happen in this game. Also, the over/under set at 60 seems about right too. No matter who wins this game, I could see that team having anywhere from 35-42 points, and I think the losing team will be close enough that the over is easily met.

Opening Odds - Oklahoma State

Also, come on BetOnline, find someone who can spell Mississippi.

Other current lines of note:

  • Ole Miss (-3) over Vanderbilt
  • Alabama (-19.5) over Virginia Tech
  • Kentucky (-4.5) over Western Kentucky
  • Georgia (-2) over Clemson
  • LSU (-4.5) over TCU