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Top Play No. 6: 3rd and 57

When the Florida Gators come to town, the Mississippi State Bulldogs always seem to have a little magic in their hats. There may not be a better example than the 2000 matchup between the teams and Florida putting themselves in the jam of a lifetime.

It is not a down and distance that one sees every day: 3rd and 57, but everyone that was in Starkville for the Bulldogs' matchup against Florida will always remember it.

How much did Mississippi State have to do with this play happening? Not enough to warrant it being any higher on the list. After all, the play was set up by two horrid snaps by the Gators. However, one cannot take away the pressure said center felt because of an aggressive Mississippi State defense, and the Bulldogs did a good job of making Florida pay on the bad snaps.

Without a doubt, this play will always hold a special place in the hearts of Bulldog fans.