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Top Plays in MSU Football No. 5: Madkin Rallies against Arkansas

The Mississippi State Bulldogs have only traveled to Atlanta on one occasion for the SEC championship. It took a fourth quarter final drive to make it happen.

Wayne Madkin only took one season to etch his name into lore at Mississippi State. When you are the only quarterback to lead your team to the SEC championship game, that happens.

It came close to not happening as Mississippi State trailed late against Arkansas in Starkville. Madkin, a freshman, led his team down the field as the time ticked down to put Brian Hazelwood in position to kick the game winner.

While watching the offense, do not over look the contribution by Edward Smith to get the ball back to the Bulldogs.

Seeing the talent that came back the next three seasons, it is hard to believe the Bulldogs only had this opportunity in 1998.