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2013 Burning Questions: No. 5-Which Assistant Coach at Mississippi State is Most Likely to Leave by 2014

One constant with college football is change. Players graduate and leave. New players come into a program. Coaches come and coaches go. Which one is most likely to leave Starkville before 2014.

Butch Dill

Everyone expects to lose a few coaches during each offseason.  That has been the story every year for Dan Mullen and his tenure at Mississippi State, and that is the case at just about every school in the country.  The gang at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls takes a stab at trying to figure out who is most likely to leave Mississippi State before 2014.

from Metal Building Dawg: Deshea Townsend. Just because I have a feeling he will rise quickly.

from thecristilmethod: Depending on what major programs have coaching changes next year, I wouldn't at all be shocked to see Geoff Collins get snatched up by a bigger school as the DC.  If his aggressive, attacking defense truly does work better this year, someone out there will be glad to pay him more money to bring that to a new coaching staff.  I think he's potentially one of the hotter names at the assistant level, pending 2013's defensive results.

from RobNolaDog:I'll have to go with Deshea Townsend here. He has the NFL/SEC pedigree that coaches/recruits love. If he can get solid production out of our young secondary, I expect some bigger schools to come calling.

from justinrsutton: It has to be one of the defensive coaches.  Geoff Collins has had his named mentioned before for head coaching positions.  I think if Mississippi State has a strong year on defense, he will get an offer to be a head coach or a chance to join a bigger program as a defensive coordinator.  I am curious as to how coaches will look at jobs outside of the power five conferences starting in 2014 though.