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Bully's Growler: Game 1 - Oklahoma State 21, Mississippi State 3

Relive the ups, downs, and deep despair of Mississippi State's collective Twitter psyche from the season-opening loss to Oklahoma State.

Bob Levey

First off, I must acknowledge this is a blatant ripoff of Holly Anderson's Laff Riot. Her weekly Twitter roundups for Sports Illustrated (she's since moved on to Grantland) were one of my favorite college football things last year. So we at FWtCT have decided to create our own localized version of the Laff Riot, highlighting the top tweets every week from Mississippi State's game. For future reference, if you see a tweet that is worthy of being in Bully's Growler, feel free to send it our way. MSU Twitter is one of the better corners of the Internet. Hopefully this weekly roundup will do it justice.