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Make LSU Wear Purple!

Hey, when you've lost 20 of 21 games to someone, you've got to try something right? Let's make LSU wear purple.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

LSU is unlike nearly every other college football team in the country as they wear white at home. They also wear white on the road as per the usual. But sometimes they wear purple jerseys, and they've had mixed results.

LSU has been wearing white to their home games since the late 1950s, except from 1983-1994 when the NCAA prohibited teams from wearing white at home. Their record during this time was 79-54-3 - not too bad but also not up to their high standards. They were able to get that ban lifted in 1995, however, and have continued to wear white at home ever since.

SEC teams are not able to force LSU to not wear white when they go to Death Valley, but they can make them when the Tigers come to their stadium. Here are a few examples of this happening:

We made them wear purple that day and came as close to beating them as we have since actually beating them in 1999. I hate to bring that memory back up, but you get the point here. As far as the 2007 game, all arguments from the Croom era are null and void.

Nick Saban introduced the purple jerseys back to non-conference home games (other than the home opener) when he took over in 2000 and Les Miles has continued that tradition. There have been some interesting games...
  • 2000: LSU 10, UAB 13
  • 2004: LSU 22, Oregon State 21 OT (OSU's kicker missed the extra point that would have sent it to 2OT - he missed THREE extra points in that game!).
  • 2004: LSU 24, Troy 20 (Troy had a 20-17 lead with 2:30 remaining)
  • 2008: LSU 40, Troy 31 (Troy had a 31-3 lead in the 3rd quarter of this game!)
  • 2009: LSU 24, LA Tech 16 (LA Tech had a 13-10 halftime lead)
  • 2012: LSU 38, Towson 22 (A FCS team lead them 9-7 with 5:00 to go in the 2nd quarter, and it was 31-16 in the 4th)
Of course I didn't mention the other 22 times over this time frame where they crushed the non-conference foe in the purple jerseys, but c'mon, this is LSU and they should be spanking everyone this weak.

If the purple jerseys give us the same ju-ju as we got from them in 2009 I'll take it. This 2013 team won't turn the ball over four times. We might have another disaster at the goal line, but we can hold on to it a little better now.