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Another Geoff Collins recruiting letter masterpiece turns up

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This time the recipient of Collins' SWAGGER artwork was 5* CB Marlon Humphrey, who recently visited Mississippi State.

When you get a letter from Geoff Collins and you're a recruit, it's bound to be exciSWAGGTASTIC
When you get a letter from Geoff Collins and you're a recruit, it's bound to be exciSWAGGTASTIC
Oli Scarff

Things have been slow this summer. No, I'm not talking about the lack of sports that mean something [sorry, MLB], I'm talking about the lack of Geoff Collins recruiting letters.

Earlier this year we were introduced to Collins' artwork when "You're a baller" and "Can of Swag" letters turned up, and now several grueling, letter-less months later, we finally have another siting.

This letter comes to us from Birmingham CB Marlon Humphrey, who was also the recipient of the "Can of Swag" letter earlier in the year. As you can clearly see, Collins' artwork is as thorough as it is glorious. Let's recap everything we see here:

  • Some guy nicknamed Maggie has a microphone. A BUDDING MUSICAL SUPERSTAR? The possibilities are endless.
  • The guy in the middle, nicknamed fruit punch, is holding a gold medal, or so we're told by Collins' label. You're not fooling me, Geoff, that looks like a bong. This letter is quickly turning into Half Baked goes to open mic night.
  • Buggs life holds the infamous CAN OF SWAGG, clearly signifying himself as the swaggerastic leader of this trio. He's Michael, and the other two are just Jermaine and Tito.
  • There is either a brees coming through at the time of this picture, or brees is the nickname for the middle guys' right arm.

I've been thinking about writing a children's book that's MSU themed [Rony Polky and the trip up Mount Croominite, it's a working title], and I'm convincing myself more and more that I should hire Coach Collins' to illustrate it.

[h/t Sixpack]