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Trying to Keep a Running Journal of the Win: No. 3 MSU 38, No. 2 Auburn 23

Trying to keep up a live journal of the Mississippi State win over Auburn...this was pretty tough

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

2:15:  I have realized just how much of a strange feeling this is for a Mississippi State fan.  Seriously...the Bulldogs are ranked No. 3 in the country, and they just hosted ESPN College GameDay.  We have a chance to see our team go 6-0 at the halfway point and have a legit shot at winning the SEC West.  If you are wondering, yes, I have started pacing at home, and yes, that might be why one of my friends (@geauxshep-you should follow him) suggested that I do this.

2:24: Why yes, I am rooting for Texas to make this miracle happen with :18 left to play.  After all, a two-loss Oklahoma is not much of a threat to make that national championship tournament.

2:26: Oh boy...I'm changing the channel over to CBS

2:28: It's Jameis Winston on my TV.  I don't know if there is anyone I like less in college football than that guy.  Auburn is up there as well for other reasons. You know, they are like that person who marries into a rich family and doesn't know how to act with the new money and just become really obnoxious.  That "marriage" happened with the 2010 national title.

2:36: I realize that I am not really looking at the television.  No, the game has not started yet, but I just cannot look.  Heck, I'm even zoning out listening to the television right now. Still have the whole game to go.  I should be fine right.

2:39: This may sound crazy...I like Uncle Verne and Gary Danielson.

2:45:  Oh comes kickoff...I love Thunderstruck. It is an awesome song.

2:47: Imagine that...a no-call early against Auburn

2:48: Scared that we needed to pick up a first down there.

2:53: Yes...the first three series of the game have nearly given me a coronary.  Seriously. I may not make it through this game. I know that I like Jay Hughes, and if Bear Wilson does not play on Sundays, I will be shocked.

3:13:  Sorry...I zoned out and walked away from here.  How is there still over 8:00 to go in the first quarter?

3:59: Those last two interceptions have been ugly.  Both were real underthrows by Dak. We could be watching both QBs damaging their Heisman hopes in the same game.

4:13: This game was so much more fun about 35 minutes ago. This thing has gone downhill quickly since that fake punt.

4:21:  Wow...that was so needed.

5:13: This idea has gone down hill since this is the first time I have sat down in almost an hour.

5:46: Wow that was huge to get into the Auburn side of the field

5:52: I just texted my son's mother to enjoy being a single parent.  This game might do me in. BTW, State is now up 31-20.

6:02: Here comes the replay, and I imagine hearing Vince McMahon's music hit.

6:06: If MSU pulls this off, I don't know if I will survive this season.  Seriously..

6:16: It's terrible when opposing coaches make sound decisions.  The Bulldogs just need a few first downs here.  Bleed the clock.  A score is great, but just burning time will be wonderful.

6:24: How does that first down not happen?  Yes, I need another beer.

6:26: Yes, I just thought...the good news is that it should be practically impossible for State to lose this game in regulation.

6:27: What happened to me between 4:13 and 5:13.  I know Auburn did damage, but I really moved all over and blocked some stuff out I think.

6:29: My mom just texted me asking if I want to go to Kentucky next weekend.  I said how about in  two weekends.

6:32: It's over...oh good grief...if MSU makes it to 9-0, this Alabama game might kill me.

6:35: Oh goodness..I just realized I am rooting for Notre Dame next weekend

6:39: Yes, this really happened.  Yes, we are right in the mix for an SEC championship and more.

7:05: My knee really hurts...I may have torn a meniscus watching this game.  I did end up on the living room table on a few occasions that I don't remember how it happened.