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Adults aren't the only ones pumped about this Saturday

Paging SEC Nation: Let this little dude be a guest picker Saturday morning.

Special thanks to Melissa Sandlin

Ben Sandlin, a 4th grader from Saltillo, Mississippi, got his binder checked late Wednesday night. What his mother, Melissa Sandlin, found is no surprise to many young football lovers around the Magnolia state this week.

No shocker who the big Bulldog fan loves this weekend. His Mississippi State favorites are Dak15, of course, Lewis, Robinson, and Wilson. "Dak15" is a pretty cool nickname, too. Might actually steal that.

He seems to be a gigantic Tim Tebow fan... which, according to Ben, the University of Florida has secretly changed their name to "TIM TEBOW." Very fitting. Tim could announce this breaking news LIVE in Starkville. Stay tuned.

Evidently, he also feels the Tigers have a good chance on the Plains against LSU. I couldn't agree more, Benjo.

School work is mighty important but let's be honest... SEC football is a VERY close second.

FYI: We can only hope Ben's Trapper Keeper is a lot more organized than my Lisa Frank one from the early 1990s.