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This Week in .GIFs: Kentucky

The No. 1 team in the country (still sounds strange) travels to Lexington Saturday. Let's get pumped by looking at .GIFs, shall we?

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

(scroll over/on images to animate epic visual greatness)

Man, it feels like we haven't played football in like years.

It's been surreal seeing ESPN, CBS, FOX, EVERYBODY talk about Mississippi State the last month.

Let's hope MSU doesn't mess up the easy stuff against the Wildcats.

Who am I kidding? Dan has MSU licking their chops.

Did you hear SEC Nation will be in Lexington? Let's get it, Timmy!

Speaking of Lexington... it's home to some the best horses in the USA.

Kentucky fans kinda got their SEC East hopes and dreams shattered at LSU last weekend.

Not a lot of big named Kentucky football players this year. MSU beat writers been hitting Google up a lot.

Gosh, we have some passionate players this season. Thinking of Dak, Robinson, Dillon, Preston, and Jones got me feeling like...

And like...

And especially this!

I got a really good feeling about Saturday. No one can tell me otherwise.

BTW - MSU fans: quit talking trash about the other successful Mississippi team. You got four more weeks. OK? THX.