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Josh Robinson is great. Josh Robinson set to Super Mario Bros is even greater

Josh Robinson's highlight-reel run set to Super Mario Brothers, plus a few other great J-Rob moments from Saturday.

Andy Lyons

You only needed to be watching the Mississippi State - Kentucky game for a few minutes to understand just how big a day Josh Robinson had yesterday.  If you missed his first great run, he gave you a second, and then a third, and so on.  Robinson carried the offense on a day when Dak wasn't at his best, and he showed the whole country that he's one of the best running backs not just in the SEC, but in all of college football.

After it was all said and done on Saturday, Josh ended up with 198 yards on 23 carries with two touchdowns.  One of those runs came in the third quarter: a 22-yard gain where Josh ran about 50 yards and shed about seven or eight tackles.  It was one of those runs that you have to watch two or three times to believe that it is real.  But it almost felt like something might have been missing.... and that something is Super Mario sound effects and music.  Enjoy!

And as a bonus, here's a .GIF of Robinson's clutch 73-yard touchdown that put MSU back up by 14 late in the game:

J-Rob TD run

And here's a DOUBLE BONUS: Josh having some fun videobombing Dan in a postgame interview:

It was truly Josh's day.  And with his talent, I doubt it will be his last day to shine, too.