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FWtCT's MMQB: Post Kentucky Edition

The Mississippi State Bulldogs survived and advanced in Lexington against the Kentucky Wildcats. The Good, Bad, and Ugly of that win follow, and what happened in the SEC Power poll after Ole Miss lost to LSU?

The Good: Hello Josh Robinson!  Bowling Ball had an amazing game against Kentucky, picking up 198 yards, two touchdowns and a highlight reel of runs.  In a game where much of the Bulldog team had an average game, he excelled. Running backs don't turn in those types of games or have the long runs he had without some help from his wide receivers blocking down field.  I saw De'Runnya Wilson make a few big blocks and Dak Prescott even stuck his nose in there a few times.

Speaking of those receivers, Fred Ross showed up when the group as a whole seemed a bit off.  While others were dropping a few passes, Ross made some circus catches.  How about a tip of the hat to Brandon Hill? We haven't heard his name much, and when he hits pay dirt, he gets hurt.  I hated to see that.

Christian Holmes makes the good list with his game-clinching touchdown return of an onside kick attempt.  He moved a bit faster than a turtle out there.

The Bad: Our hands guys on both sides of the ball could have performed better as whole.  Our secondary had one of their worst games of the season, and they have to right the ship soon.  Our wide receivers had a few drops on balls they have to haul in.

Tackling in the game left a bit to be desired as well.  Many of Kentucky's big plays could have been stopped if the Bulldogs could have gotten the ball carrier on the ground.

Here's hoping those issues can be chalked up to rust, and the defense and wide outs look like their old selves against Arkansas.

The Ugly: Not too much falls in this category after a 14-point win in which the Bulldogs never trailed.  That's right, some of the Maroon and White faithful need to back off the ledge. I hate to sound like I am picking on anyone, but it is ugly that it does not appear the Bulldogs have anyone that can hit a 40-yard field goal.


SEC Offensive Player of the Week: Josh Robinson, RB, Mississippi State:  I'm going to make the homer pick here and go with the back that nearly had 200 hundred yards on the ground and saved the bacon of the No. 1 team in the country. Amari Cooper has a claim to this as well with two touchdowns and 200 plus yards on nine catches.

SEC Defensive Player of the Week: Kendell Beckwith, LSU:  The Tigers turned in an amazing defensive performance, and Beckwith led the way with 10 tackles and a pass breakup.  Cody Prewitt turned in one solid performance as well on for the Rebels and should get some love here.

SEC Power Poll:

1. Mississippi State (1): The Bulldogs stand alone as the only undefeated team in the SEC, and with that, the target on their chest grows.  They did not look great against Kentucky, but some times, good enough works.

2. Alabama (5): I'm breaking my team x beat team y rule here, and even though Ole Miss and Alabama both have one loss, and the Tide's loss came to Ole Miss, there is no denying the Crimson Tide have corrected the course with their team.  The guys from Tuscaloosa are a legitimate threat to still win the SEC West and the National Championship.

3. Ole Miss (2): Everyone knew the Rebels were playing with fire by not always being able to move the ball, especially in the running game.  It burned them Saturday night as they lost a game that could have been much worse. Still, that defense proved it can keep them in any contest.

4. Auburn (4): The Tigers survived a stiff shot from the most up-and-down team in the SEC, South Carolina.  Now, they head to Oxford for an elimination game of sorts with the Rebels.

5. Georgia (5): The Bulldogs are the class of the SEC East, and those sleeping on them better watch out.  One win in Atlanta, and this team will be in the playoff instead of a second team from the SEC West.

6. LSU (7): The Tigers did not show much offensively, but their defense sure looked solid against the Rebels.  Yes, they will have a hard time against Alabama later this year, but no one else should feel comfortable against them.

7. Missouri (13): The Tigers are a team that one cannot predict. The fact that they are now No. 7 in the power poll shows that there is not much of a difference between 7-12 or 13 on this list.

8. Kentucky (9): The Wildcats are a team going in the right direction, and they made Mississippi State sweat one out at Commonwealth Stadium.

9. Arkansas (6): The Razorbacks have quietly managed business on their way to a 4-4 record on the season.  Their matchup with the No. 1 ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs in Starkville gives the team a chance to pick up a big win if they can play defense and pound the football.

10. Texas A&M (8): The Aggies have completely gone in the tank recently, and it will be interesting to see how Sumlin gets this team going for their final half of the season.

11. Florida (12): It is tough to win games without an offense, and some how, Florida has three of them.

12. South Carolina (11): To me, there is no more difficult team to rank than the Gamecocks.  How anyone can even try to guess what this team will do is beyond me.

13. Tennessee (10): For all of the talk about this team, they are still winless in the SEC.

14. Vanderbilt (14): The Commodores are also winless in the SEC and that first win does not look like it is on the horizon.

Five Thoughts from the Weekend:

1. I've been to quite a few Mississippi State road games, but this was my favorite one by far.  The Bluegrass State brought it with beauty this fall, and the gameday staff at Commonwealth Stadium was top-notch.  Later this week, I'll go full details into the 1800 mile road trip with my four-year old, tell you why this was my favorite trip, and let you share yours.

2. The Heisman movement for Dak Prescott feels as if the pause button has been hit.  He has turned in two average games the last two Bulldog games.  I think the next three weeks are the make-or-break games for Prescott to claim the trophy.

3. Who else is fired up about the first ranking list from the playoff committee Tuesday night?  While I am not a fan of it being released during the season, I am anxious to try to get inside their thought process just a bit.

4. How about a little love for my Pittsburgh Steelers?  They appear to be trying to correct course at just the right time to make some noise in the AFC, but that is going to be tough with the Patriots looking as sharp as they are again.

5. I had mixed feelings about the reactions of some MSU fans to Ole Miss losing.  It seemed that quite a few were more excited about the Rebels losing than the Bulldogs winning.  I get not pulling for your rival, but it is not that good to seem that interested in what those guys in Oxford are doing.