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Community Projections: No. 1 Mississippi State Bulldogs Travel to No. 5 Alabama Crimson Tide

It's that time for you get get very involved in the blog. The Mississippi State Bulldogs travel to Alabama this week. Our questions: What is the best/worst case scenario for Mississippi State, your bold prediction and guess at the final score.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The No. 1-ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs head to Tuscaloosa to take on the No. 5-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide in a matchup that will leave one team with sole control over the SEC West.

Bold Prediction: Josh Robinson will stun the Alabama defense by going over 100 yards on the ground and picking up two rushing scores.

Best Case Scenario: Mississippi State establishes the running game early and snags a quick lead against Alabama. While Amari Cooper does some damage, the Bulldogs get to Blake Simms enough that the Tide are slowed down in the air. The Mississippi State front seven also slows the running game down enough, and the Maroon and White position themselves for a win.

Worst Case Scenario: Alabama's defense completely shuts down the rushing attack of the Bulldogs, and Amari Cooper gets loose early. At the half, Alabama leads 21-3.

Final Score: Mississippi State 24, Alabama 20