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Maroon Weather Forecast: The Orange Bowl

The Battle of the Oranges will be a warm spectacle on the gridiron, but keep the umbrellas handy!

Dak Prescott and the Bulldogs take their talents to warm and humid South Beach
Dak Prescott and the Bulldogs take their talents to warm and humid South Beach
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Mississippi State Bulldogs are already enjoying the sights and sounds of South Beach in December! A bowl game in sunny Florida? What more can players, coaches and fans want from the #7 ranked football team in the country. But the sunny weather may not hold up as Josh Robinson, Dak Prescott and company take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Sun Life Stadium.

The major story of the day is the warmth. Tailgaters and players alike will experience air temperatures in the low to upper 70s throughout all of New Year's Eve. In the morning, sunny skies will await tailgaters with temperatures right around 70° and a light south wind. The south wind will grow a little stronger throughout the day and will bring some increased humidity coming off of the Atlantic Ocean. This will make it feel like it is in the 80s and increases the rain chances for the afternoon and for the game.

It'll be the same weather story for the Dawg Walk. Expect humid conditions and a chance for rain when you head over to Gate A at 6 PM to see the Bulldogs. A maroon umbrella or poncho is a good idea to keep handy. After the Dawg Walk, the game will experience consistent temperatures in the mid-70s and the chance of showers. Fans do not have to worry about the sun's rays for the game because it will be set, but fans may want to keep an extra towel around to wipe off the water from the cowbells. Just remember to ring responsibly!

It will be a great day for the Bulldogs as they start off the New Year in Miami and wrap it in Maroon and White!