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Community Projections: Mississippi State vs. Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl

Community Projections is one of the ways we look to get our readers involved. Give us a bold prediction, best and worst case scenarios and a score prediction.

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After a few weeks off, it's finally game week and again time for Mississippi State to go out and take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets for the right to be an 11-win Orange Bowl victor.  Here are my predictions; what are yours?

Bold Prediction: Mississippi State comes out with their hair on fire like they did against LSU and scores early and often.  The defense completely shuts down the option, forcing several first half turnovers.  State wins going away, 41-17.

Best Case Scenario: MSU goes up big early and maintains a solid three touchdown lead.  The defense never gets rattled by the triple option and State goes on to win the Orange Bowl for an 11-win season.

Worst Case Scenario: Georgia Tech scores on the first play of the game and State never really recovers.  Dak gets injured, Georgia Tech completely shuts down the MSU offense and after the game, Dak, J-Rob, and Benardick all announce that they are going pro.  Two days later the 49ers call Mullen and hire him.  Three days later, Bully is stung by a Yellow Jacket and is rushed to the Vet School.

Score Prediction: MSU 31, Georgia Tech 28