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Jarvis Varnado blocks shot, flushes dunk home on other end as Philadelphia 76ers end losing streak [.GIF]

The Mississippi State alum had nine points and six blocks to help the Philadelphia 76ers end a really bad 26-game losing streak tonight.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

So things haven't been going so great for the Philadelphia 76ers lately.

Things have been so bad, in fact, that the team had not won in 26 games, which was tied for the longest losing streak in NBA history.  That streak ended tonight though, thankfully, as the team unleashed its demons on the Detroit Pistons with a 123-98 win.

So, why would State fans care about this, other than being glad for Sixer fans that the streak is over?  They'd care because MSU alumn Jarvis Varnado was a big part of the effort.  Our man Jarvis finished with nine points and six blocks (look familiar?) in 21 minutes tonight, and two of those points and one of those blocks came in one great sequence.

Stanford Cowbell Player

[video via ESPN, CSN]

It's so exciting to see a great guy like Jarvis doing well in the NBA.  Keep letting them know why they call you SWAT big fella!

Hail State.