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Mississippi State Baseball Uniforms: Special unis unveiled for Super Bulldog Weekend

In addition to the new football uniforms unveiled today, Adidas and MSU also introduced us to a special uni for MSU baseball, to be worn in this weekend's Saturday game of the Super Bulldog Weekend series with rival Ole Miss.

MSU closer Jonathan "The Trim Reaper" Holder sporting the new threads for this weekend
MSU closer Jonathan "The Trim Reaper" Holder sporting the new threads for this weekend

With Super Bulldog Weekend looming and a host of Adidas reps in town to visit, MSU did not waste its chance today to introduce new specialized uniforms for big time sports that will be fan's main focus this weekend.  First there was the unveiling of MSU football's new uniforms for the season opener August 30th against Southern Miss, meant to commemorate the 100th year of football at Scott Field.

Following that, MSU announced and unveiled new uniforms for MSU baseball as well: Uniforms that the Bulldogs will wear in this Saturday's matchup with Ole Miss.

Like the football uniforms, these feature a clean, old fashioned look to them, and I am a fan.  The cream/off-white/whatever colored threads are sort of a variation of the highly-popular pinstriped unis, except this set features a cream/off-white/whatever colored hat as well.  If you can't tell, I've had a hard time identifying the color properly.

I am tempted to say that I would've like to see them tinker with the M logo to match an older variation that MSU baseball has used in the past, but you just can't move away from the classic interlocking MS.  That, to me, is the best logo we have, so why mess with it.  I would love to see a true throwback uniform for MSU baseball at some point over the course of this new deal, but for now, what was released today will certainly do quite well.

With MSU re-upping its deal with Adidas recently, and with this deal reportedly featuring a lot more incentives (and cash) for MSU, I'd expect to see more of these specialized uniforms for individual games in the future.  State has already done this a bit in the previous two seasons with the Snow Bowl and two Egg Bowls, but we could see it even more now with other sports, it seems.

If you're in town this weekend for the festivities and the baseball game specifically, hopefully you'll get to see these beauties cross the plate plenty of times on Saturday.