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Community Projections: Mississippi State vs. Southern Mississippi

In an effort to get you, the reader, more involved, we've created a weekly post where we want to hear from you on what you expect in the upcoming game. In the comments, let us hear your: 1) Score predictions, 2) Bold Predictions, 3) Best Case/Worst Case, and so forth.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Here, I'll kick things off:

Score Prediction: MSU 42, Southern Miss 10

Bold Prediction: MSU racks up over 600 yards and the defense records six or more sacks.  Dak passes and runs for over 200 a piece and

Best Case: State gets out to a big early lead, holds on for a big win, and fans stay the entire game

Worst Case: MSU comes out sloppy, USM plays like their pants are on fire, and an unheard of USM QB channeling Brett Favre tosses a game winning TD as time expires and as one rich donor sets fire to his brand new skybox.