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Mississippi State needs to make Saturday's uniforms the new permanent home unis

Mississippi State rolled out commemorative uniforms on Saturday versus Southern Miss in honor of 100 seasons of football at Scott Field. The uniforms are a throwback to the great ones of the 90s, and after an overwhelmingly positive response, they need to become permanent.

Saturday's commemorative unis were a throwback to the 90s, and they need to become permanent
Saturday's commemorative unis were a throwback to the 90s, and they need to become permanent
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night was a fun one for Mississippi State fans, despite the monsoon that threatened to wash out the season opener and first game in the newly renovated Davis Wade Stadium.  State fans didn't let the rain ruin it, though as a record 61,889 showed up to watch Mississippi State -- despite some early hiccups -- defeat Southern Miss 49-0 to open the 2014 season.  There were lots of positives on the field for MSU Saturday including an improved wide receiver corps and a defense that looked as good as advertised.  But there was also one big improvement noted by many in maroon and white that either attended the game or watched it on TV: The uniforms.

As a commemoration of 100 years of football at Scott Field, MSU wore special uniforms Saturday to mark the occasion.  The uniforms were a clear throwback to the great ones from the late 1990s, and their design was met with what I saw as a resounding approval. Gone were the helmet and should pad stripes of old, and back were the sleeve stripes of old, as well as the lettering that mimicked the old school look that Nike produced over a decade ago for MSU.  From Twitter to message boards to fellow Bulldogs that I talked to at the game, everyone seemed to like the new threads, and more than once it was mentioned that they should become the new permanent home uniforms.

With what seems like the majority of the fanbase backing this request, I am asking Scott Stricklin and the athletic department to make these uniforms the new permanent home threads for Mississippi State.  Sure, I'll be happy if this team is successful in 2014 no matter what they wear, but why not stick with a good thing when we've got it?  The late 1990s was a great time for the MSU football program, and it also happened to produce the best and most beloved uniforms in our school's history.  While those were Nike (MISS YOU, INTERLOCKING M-S-U HELMETS), Adidas did a really good job in recreating them for the season opener Saturday night.  A late NCAA rule change forced MSU to change the front from "Hail State" to "Mississippi State", but I thought it turned out for the best, as I noted when the announcement was made on Thursday night.

Our AD seems to be on quite a roll as of late. He just unveiled a renovated Davis Wade that we can all be proud of for year's to come, and the plans for Dudy Noble Field have even non-baseball fans excited about the future of the greatest stadium in college baseball history.  So why wouldn't he want to add one more easily achievable tally in the win column for himself?  Of course, Scott isn't the only one involved in such a decision; I imagine Coach Mullen and the players would like a say in it, as well.  But from what I've seen, the players are on board with this proposal as well, and I imagine Dan could care less what the team wears, as long as we win games.

Therefore, I am rooting for Saturday's uniforms to become the new permanent digs for Mississippi State football when playing at home.  I trust in Dan Mullen to hopefully lead this team to a successful 2014 campaign, and now I'm trusting in Scott Stricklin to make the uniform switch so that the team can look good every game.

PS - if you want to remove the giant Mstate emblem on the pants though, I wouldn't be sad.