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2015 college football recruiting rankings: Where will Mississippi State's class rank on National Signing Day?

We take a look at where MSU's class could finish in the rankings under a few varying scenarios.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

We're down to crunch time for the 2015 recruiting cycle and every team from Alabama down to Idaho is doing their best to reel in a few final commitments to add to their National Signing Day haul.  Despite the short time frame, these last few weeks can produce the most excitement, drama, and changes for classes all over.

No matter which team you root for, there are bound to be a few more prized recruits on your team's radar that you'd like to see them reel in.  If they were able to add those prospects, how would it affect your final class ranking?  While it's extremely hard to predict that last question, we do have an awesome too to help us attempt to do so: the 247sports' Class Calculator.  While you can't factor in how other classes will change, the tool does allow us to look at how late additions -- or sadly, subtractions -- could affect a signing class.  Let's use it now to took a look at a few finishing scenarios for Mississippi State.

(Super Awesome and Highly Unlikely) Scenario 1: Add Leo Lewis, Armani Linton, Courtney Miggins, Lamar Jackson

Scenario 1 15 NSD

What's the point of doing this little exercise if we don't at least entertain the ultimate dream scenario?  That scenario is shown above, where MSU lands Courtney Miggins on National Signing Day while flipping 4-stars Leo Lewis and Armani Linton from Ole Miss and Lamar Jackson from Louisville.  LET ME SAY THIS: When I say this is unlikely, that's probably an understatement.  If this were to happen, State would immediately come down under probation probably because that would be our luck.  But as I said, this is as long a shot as there is. Linton didn't even officially visit MSU, even though he was at one time committed to State.

IF this scenario somehow happened, it would vault MSU to a top-15 finish, according to current 247sports composite rankings.  The fault in that statement is that of course other classes in front of and behind MSU will change as well between now and next Wednesday.  But, that is the best tool we have for calculating where State would land if things turned in our favor somehow.  It looks like the exact spot would be 15th, just behind Ole Miss... Life can be funny sometimes.

(Somewhat Possible Best Case) Scenario 2: Add Leo Lewis, Courtney Miggins, Lamar Jackson

scenario 2 NSD 15

Where scenario one was quite unlikely, scenario two is still a long-shot but a step back closer to possible.  In this case, State would add Lewis and Jackson in big NSD flips, while also adding Miggins.  Linton goes to Ole Miss as expected and the Bulldogs finish 16th in the rankings ahead of national runner-up Oregon.

(Likely) Scenario 3: Add Courtney Miggins, miss on Leo Lewis, Lamar Jackson, Armani Linton

scenario 3 nsd 15

Now we've come back down to earth to look at what is the most likely scenario: MSU adding Courtney Liggins and holding on to current commitments.  In this case State misses on the flipping of Lewis, Linton and Jackson, and lands EXACTLY where it is currently ranked: 19th just behind the UCLA Bruins.  Again, this seems to be the most likely scenario for State, so this is what I'm expecting for next Wednesday.

(Unfortunate) Scenario 4: Miss on Courtney Miggins, Leo Lewis, Lamar Jackson, and Armani Linton, lose Jamal Peters

scenario 4 nsd 4

Now we get into the truly unsettling scenarios where not only do we not make any late additions, we lose commits.  I wish I could call this an unlikely scenario as well, but after Tee Shepard flipped to Ole Miss last year while not even taking an official visit to campus, I hesitate to call anything impossible or even unlikely.  In this scenario, State misses on any of the late additions it wants, but it gets worse.  Longtime commit Jamal Peters ends up flipping elsewhere, likely LSU.  State fans throw their computers out the window and head to their nearest bar for the remainder of the day.

This scenario, however unfortunate and sadness-inducing, would still land State in the top-25, so keep that chin up!

(Doomsday) Scenario 5: Miss on Courtney Miggins, Leo Lewis, Lamar Jackson, and Armani Linton, lose Jamal Peters, Fletcher Adams, T.D. Moton

scenario 5 nsd 15

This scenario probably should have been prefaced with a warning, because it's the deepest, darkest scenario State fans could possibly face on Wednesday.  Here we have State missing on any additions, as well as losing three huge commits in Peters, Fletcher Adams and T.D. Moton.  Yeah, don't stare at it too long.

I've already weighed in that I expect scenario three on Wednesday, but of course that could change.  This is recruiting; things change by the hour.  We could wake up on Monday and have three new names to discuss before Wednesday, because this business is wild and wacky and ultimately follows the actions of teenagers.  But if I had to go on record, I'm betting on scenario three, while naturally hoping for one or two and praying I don't have to live through four or five.

What do you think?