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Most Viewed For Whom the Cowbell Tolls Posts of 2015: Nos. 10-6

As we head into the end of they year, we'll take a look back some interesting facts from the blog in 2015.

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Something about the end of the year brings about lists and countdowns for everyone. For us at the blog, the feeling is much the same as it is fun to go back and see which stories drew the most attention, comments, and more. Over the next few days, we'll jump into a few different countdowns to look back at 2015.

We'll start with the most viewed stories on the blog from the year. Without fail, there are several stories that draw a ton of attention at the time, but they are almost all but forgotten at the end of the year. There are also those that are not forgotten at the end of the year, but are stuck in the memories of Bulldog fans even as the year winds down.

Here's a look at posts 10-6.  (Posts Nos. 20-11)

10.  In June, we are all craving football, so when SEC championship odds get released, we flock to it.  From Reid Coker

9.  We really do miss football in June.  Mississippi State released a hype video, and we were all glad to watch it. From Reid Coker

8. Speaking of items that slip off the radar, I had forgotten about Dak Prescott, Damian Williams and Torrey Dale being attacked.  Here was an attempt to figure out why they declined to press charges. --From Justin Sutton

7. If you were a coach, dancing in the locker room was the thing to do in 2015.  --From Justin Sutton

6. A fantastic downing of a punt by MSU might be lost to the ages. --From Cristil Method

We'll wrap up with the top-five posts of the year tomorrow.