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Mississippi State Football Players Attacked: Reasons to not Press Charges

As everyone knows by now, Dak Prescott, Damian Williams and Torrey Dale were allegedly assaulted in Panama City Beach. With the video looking violent and the attackers bragging on twitter, why might this trio decide not to press charges?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who has seen the images and video from the fight in Panama City Beach, Florida involving a group allegedly* assaulting Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott and two other teammates knows that the incident was disturbing and without a doubt looks criminal. Given this, why would Prescott, Damian Williams, or Torrey Dale decide against pressing charges in the incident, especially when their attackers posted and bragged about it on twitter?  Here are a few possible options.

* I know that some folks will not like the use of the word allegedly, but the fact is, these people have not been found guilty of assault or battery in court, so it is alleged.

Reason 1: Too Close to Spring Practice

The simple fact might be with spring practice closing in, Dak Prescott and others do not want the distraction of this incident interfering with preparation for the upcoming season.  A decision to press charges would lead to interviews, testimony, and a good bit of questions from the press.  While this could all die down before the practice started, the chances are that it would not.

If the case went to trial, the distractions could continue into the season and beyond.  At the end of the day, the teammates may have decided that a few punks are not worth the distraction when Mississippi State could be set for another strong season.

Reason 2: The NFL Draft

Dak Prescott will more than likely be selected in the 2016 NFL draft.  That draft is only about a year away.  Some cases take a very long time to work through the legal system.  If this issue were to stretch out for nine months or so, it would be fresh on the radar of those interviewing Prescott before the NFL draft.  If it were to stretch on for about a year, it would start running into the NFL draft.

The last thing any NFL prospect wants is a cloud of uncertainty hanging over them, even if completely innocent.  While Williams and Dale would not have this same issue, a decision by either to press charges could drag Prescott back into the situation.

Reason 3: No Real Desire to Press Charges

This would be an argument that yours truly would have a bit of an issue with given the video and the bragging, but Prescott and company just may not care enough about it to press charges.  All reports are that the trio were not seriously injured, just a bit shaken.

We all know that a lot of stupidity happens at spring break and in situations where lots of people are drinking.  The three Bulldogs may just be setting aside the whole situation as just a bunch of stupid people doing stupid things and letting life move on from there.

Reason 4: The Bulldog Players are not Entirely Clean

Look, I know this will not be popular among the Bulldog faithful, but it is something that has to be at least considered. Were any of the Bulldog players involved in activities that might not be legal as well?  Did any of the players egg on or entice the situation?

While it is quick to stand up and defend the players, they could have very well been involved in a few activities they should not have been involved in as well.  If so, it would just be easiest to let the whole thing go.

While I tend to doubt the likelihood of this reason based on everything seen, it is only objective to mention it.