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Most Viewed For Whom the Cowbell Tolls Posts of 2015: Nos. 20-11

As we head into the end of they year, we'll take a look back some interesting facts from the blog in 2015.

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Something about the end of the year brings about lists and countdowns for everyone.  For us at the blog, the feeling is much the same as it is fun to go back and see which stories drew the most attention, comments, and more.  Over the next few days, we'll jump into a few different countdowns to look back at 2015.

We'll start with the most viewed stories on the blog from the year.  Without fail, there are several stories that draw a ton of attention at the time, but they are almost all but forgotten at the end of the year.  There are also those that are not forgotten at the end of the year, but are stuck in the memories of Bulldog fans even as the year winds down.

Here's a look at the first part of our top-20 viewed stories of 2015:

20. As Mississippi State hit the home stretch of the 2015 season, an SEC West championship was still possible, but unlikely. --From Ethan Lee

19. Remember that time Adidas hid dirty words on some Mississippi State shirts?  They apologized.

18. Recruiting can be a sore subject for Mississippi State fans, but all were happy when Leo Lewis picked Mississippi State over Ole Miss and LSU.

17. Rumors that Dan Mullen might leave Mississippi State heated up Egg Bowl week.  The timing of the one about Virginia Tech made many fans angry.--From Justin Sutton

16. Everyone loves to see how signing day is shaking out in February.

15. The Adidas jerseys just caused a whole lot of problems.  That's what happens when F-bombs are hidden.

14. The talk of Dan Mullen and the Miami Hurricanes sparked interest from fans of both schools. --From Justin Sutton

13. MSU ended the LSU game with a timeout.  This satire got some epic Facebook reactions. --From CristilMethod

12. WMD was hot after Mississippi State lost to Ole Miss. --From WarMachineDawg

11. After the Egg Bowl, it was time to guess where Mississippi State might go bowling. --From Justin Sutton