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Hugh Freeze Apparently Still Talks To Chris Jones On The Phone

Wait, what?

Today is ESPN's annual SEC football coach "car wash," where various coaches from the conference travel to Bristol, CT and appear on a number of different shows to talk about their programs. Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze made an appearance earlier today and said nothing really of note except that for some reason, he talks to Mississippi State defensive lineman Chris Jones on the phone:

You may recall Chris Jones' recruitment was extremely contentious and MSU narrowly won out over Ole Miss for his commitment. He committed to the Bulldogs initially, Freeze and the Rebels made a serious late run at Jones and he ultimately still ended up in Starkville. So, Hugh Freeze and Chris Jones know each other but that doesn't mean it's okay that they still talk.

And they talk on the phone about life? What does that even mean? I think we can assume it means that Hugh calls Chris and tells him how much he wishes he would have come to Ole Miss.

This is not only really strange but it seems like this would be an NCAA violation of some kind. Apparently, it is not a rules violation but nonetheless, it's just plain weird. What exactly Freeze and Jones talk about on the phone, we may never know, but we do know one thing, no matter how much Hugh Freeze talks to him, Chris Jones will be lining up for the Bulldogs and not the Rebels in September and that's all that matters.