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Mississippi State 62 , Northwestern State 13: Five Reactions

A few thoughts on the Mississippi State win over Northwestern State.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State took care of business against Northwestern State with a 62-13 victory in Starkville.  Here a few postgame thoughts. Be sure to share yours!

1) Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We love Dak. We will miss him. However, from a competition for a position standpoint, watching Elijah Staley and Nick Fitzgerald battle it out should be fun. Great to see the guys celebrating each other's successes on the sideline as well.

2) The biggest disappointment of the game? Maybe the first defensive series of the second half. That was not pretty.

3) Perhaps this is just my musical tastes, but how is Livin on a Prayer an option to be played during a break? If it is on the play list, it should win automatically.

4) I'm still not sure how I feel about the running game. It looked much better overall than in the first two games, but, at least in person, it still looked like there is room to improve.

5) Going back to point one, Prescott is going to be hard to replace. Congrats to him on taking over the career passing yardage mark.

Apologies for the brevity, but working on the iphone in the stands with my five-year-old calls for it.