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"Report": Dan Mullen uses final timeout from LSU game on unruly son

Mullen reportedly was forced to use his remaining final timeout from Saturday's loss to LSU when his child would not put his toys away late Sunday.

"What did I tell you would happen if you didn't put all of your toys away?"
"What did I tell you would happen if you didn't put all of your toys away?"
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

After Mississippi State lost a heartbreaking 21-19 game to LSU on Saturday night, it's safe to assume that head coach Dan Mullen was in no mood to be tested further.  A draining day at the office is enough for anyone to want to let the kids do as they please when you get home, but it appears that Coach Mullen opted to go another route when faced with a situation late Sunday.

According to sources speaking to For Whom the Cowbell Tolls action news, Dan Mullen was finally forced to utilize his leftover timeout from Saturday's game when his son became defiant and would not put his toys away before bedtime.  Mullen was unwilling to address the incident in his weekly press conference on Monday, which only fanned the flames surrounding the reports that began to swirl early Monday morning.

According to sources, Mullen counted to three - and even gave his son two really long pauses and a half number - but was unable to convince the younger Mullen to do as he said.  While we've yet to have a second source confirm this, initial reports indicate that Dan opted to implement the nose-in-corner timeout method, which seemed effective as all indications were that his son learned his lesson.

That's all we know for now, folks. We know this is a matter that's in the front of everyone's minds, so we'll bring you updates as soon as we know more.

Reporting live from behind Coach Mullen's poolhouse, this has been For Whom the Cowbell Tolls SATurday Incident REporter cristilmethod.