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FWtCT SEC Recap - Week Three 2015

I'm here to recap the games in the SEC this week.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Missouri 9, UConn 6

If you want a game that seems to perfectly sum up Missouri football, this would be it. So much great defense. So little great offense. It was evident as Missouri held UConn to just 233 total yards but produced 270. It was a sloppy game, as both teams turned the ball over twice. This win shouldn't be enjoyed too much by the Missouri faithful, knowing that UConn has won just five games in the last two years. They have to travel to Lexington next week in what will probably be the snooze fest of the week.

Texas A&M 44, Nevada 27

Pretty much the only thing we can takeaway from this one is that A&M's offense is still good. They produced a total of 535 yards, a majority of which came from Kyle Allen, who completed 18 of 31 passes for 270 yards, four touchdowns, and an interception. The A&M defense played okay, giving up 359 total yards. But, they'll face Arkansas next week, who obviously has some holes on defense and struggles against the pass.

LSU 45, Auburn 21


That's pretty much all you need to know. LSU has played two straight SEC games. Same philosophy. Forget Brandon Harris exists. Just give the ball to Fournette. Leonard Fournette rushed for 228 yards and three touchdowns from 19 carries, while Brandon Harris completed 12 of his 17 passes for a whopping 74 yards and a touchdown. The LSU offense produced 485 total yards, 411 (!!!!!!) of which on the ground.

That's not a typo. LSU rushed for 411 yards against Auburn.

Now, Auburn on the other hand, produced a mighty 260 yards of total offense and turned the ball over twice. After a performance of 11 of 19 for 100 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception, this is what the Jeremy Johnson Heisman train is looking like.

Vanderbilt 47, Austin Peay 7

Well, it's about time Vanderbilt got some love. The Commodores trampled the mighty Governors of Austin Peay, producing 541 yards of offense and holding Austin Peay to just 144. The Commodores held the Governors to 34 rushing yards from 30 attempts, which is just 1.1 yards per rush. Not too shabby. But, Vanderbilt will take this win over the team that lost 52-6 to Southern Miss last week and travel to Oxford to take on the Rebels. (Good luck, Dores. You'll need every bit of it.)

Georgia 52, South Carolina 20

The Georgia Bulldogs continue to roll through their 2015 campaign with another impressive victory. And even more impressive, they did it through the air. That's right. A majority of their offense didn't come from Nick Chubb. Although Chubb did have a good outing, rushing for 159 yards and two touchdowns from 21 carries, Greyson Lambert stole the show. He completed 24 of his 25 passes for 330 yards and three touchdowns. Not too shabby. Meanwhile, South Carolina's passing attack looked like a burning tire rolling down a hill before entering a building and bursting into flames.

I hope that was descriptive enough.

Gamecock starter Perry Orth completed 6 of his 17 passes for a whopping 66 yards, no touchdowns, and in interception. With Lorenzo Nunez finding some time under center late in the game, South Carolina has used three different quarterbacks this season. South Carolina, I think your days have expired. I hope you enjoyed the ride.

Texas Tech 35, Arkansas 24

Well well well, Arkansas. After losing to Toledo last week, you do this. You give up 315 passing yards, 171 rushing yards, you turn the ball over twice, you throw for only 196 passing yards, oh Arkansas. There is only one positive the Razorbacks can take out of this. Alex Collins put on a show. He rushed for 170 yards and a touchdown from 28 carries. But still, that wasn't nearly enough. Wasn't nearly enough to make up for their defense that gave up 486 yards. And now, they have to play Texas A&M, another team that is based around a good offense and actually has a decent defense. Best of luck, Arkansas. Best of luck.

Tennessee 55, Western Carolina 10

Nothing unexpected here. Just Tennessee dominating an inferior opponent. The Volunteers held Western Carolina to just 279 total yards while producing 447. The Volunteers forced three Catamount turnovers. Josh Dobbs had a good performance, completing 15 of his 21 passes for 144 yards and two touchdowns. Jalen Hurd had a good performance, rushing for 68 yards and a touchdown from 11 carries. This was just a good tune up for Tennessee before traveling to Gainesville next week.

Florida 14, Kentucky 9

Speaking of Gainesville, let's talk about those Gators. I'm very, very thankful that I didn't watch this monstrosity of a game. Just some horrendously bad offense, Kentucky totaling 241 yards and Florida totaling 245. All of Kentucky's points were scored by their kicker. Three field goals. That's it. It was just an ugly, ugly day for the quarterbacks in this one. Kentucky's Patrick Towles completed 8 of his 24 passes for 126 yards and two interceptions. Florida's Will Grier completed 13 of his 22 passes for 125 yards and an interception. It was just an ugly, pitiful, horrendous, atrocious, any other adjective day of football for these two teams.

Ole Miss 43, Alabama 37

Well, Ole Miss hasn't gone anywhere but up. The Rebels looked beyond incredible in this one, finding themselves with a 30-10 lead at one point. Alabama had a couple of late rallies to get back in the game, but they were held off. There are two main reasons why this game turned out like it did. Number one, Chad Kelly. Goodness gracious, ole Machine Gun was spraying down Tuscaloosa, completing 18 of his 33 passes for 341 yards and three touchdowns. He also had some production on the ground, totaling 21 yards and a touchdown from 8 carries. The second reason, turnovers. Oh, turnovers. Oh, Alabama. The Crimson Tide turned the ball over five, that's right, FIVE times. How many times did Ole Miss turn the ball over?

Zero. Zero times. Zilch, nada, nothing. Zero.

Alabama out-gained Ole Miss, led in time of possession, got 13 more first downs than Ole Miss, but lost the turnover battle by five. That'll do it for a team. +5 in turnovers. Ballgame.

With that being said, Ole Miss and LSU look like the two best teams in the SEC right now. I wouldn't be surprised at all if that November 21st game in Oxford decides the West.

Mississippi State 62, Northwestern State 13

As expected, Mississippi State came out firing in this one. We were led by a great performance from Dak Prescott, as he completed 10 of his 11 passes for 227 yards and two touchdowns, becoming Mississippi State's all time leading passer. He also got some good production on the ground, rushing for 54 yards from six carries. Nick Fitzgerald and Elijah Staley also got some playing time, Staley throwing for a touchdown and Fitzgerald throwing for a touchdown and rushing for two. The 647 total yards that the Bulldogs produced is the most in school history. It was good to see the offense dominate again. Of course, it was against Northwestern State, but it's a good confidence booster before traveling to Auburn.