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Auburn surprisingly names snowboarder Shaun White as new quarterback

Following the struggles of its starter Jeremy Johnson, Auburn announced Tuesday that it plans to go in a surprising new direction at QB versus Mississippi State.

Nathan Bilow-USA TODAY Sports

Following a shaky 2-1 start that saw its starter, preseason Heisman candidate Jeremy Johnson, get off to an even rougher start, the Auburn Tigers announced Tuesday that they were planning to go in a radically new direction at the quarterback position.

With Johnson starting with just five touchdowns to six interceptions in three games, Auburn announced earlier this morning that it plans to go with Olympic gold medalist Shaun White at quarterback starting this Saturday with its home game versus Mississippi State (6:30 C.T., ESPN2).  White, the 5'9", 29 year old from San Diego wasn't even listed as a student when we checked this morning on Auburn's registrar website (Not that an SEC school in need of improved QB play would let that stop them).  White's physical size certainly makes this a shocking move; however, when you consider his accomplishments through the air over his career and Auburn's struggles to pass the ball, things do start to make more sense.

When reached for comment, White had only this to say: "Dude..."

Several media sources close to the Auburn program that we reached out to were admittedly surprised by the news, but they did assure us that it would not change their Heisman vote for Jeremy Johnson that they cast in early June.

[Editor's Note: ICYMI, yes, Auburn will start a Sean at QB.  But no, it is not that one.  It's this one.  Also see the link in the second paragraph for more info.]