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Hello, Computer. How's the Internet today?

Before you get in your obligatory half hour of zoning out at your desk, take a short stroll through some of the MSU-related and maybe-not-so-MSU related miscellany that the internet has to offer today.

Morning Linkage

Mullen talking to a room full of dudes about college kids running around on grass - Mullen had his weekly press conference a couple of days ago. Click the link for a full video of the proceedings and a transcript of his (and Dak's and Richie Brown's) comments. Among other platitudes and coach-speakery, Mullen hits on the Auburn game, the run-pass balance, Manny Diaz in the red zone, and Texas A&M's aptitude for all things football.

Kevin Sumlin and other A&M people talking to a room full of dudes about college kids running around on grass - Good Bull Hunting has comprehensive coverage of Texas A&M's weekly press conferences. Catch Coach Sumlin, A&M's OC and DC, and a couple of Aggie players discuss the Arkansas game, the play of some of the team's freshmen, and Mississippi State's aptitude for all things football.

Dak's making the rounds - Dak spoke with some bald dude with glasses the other day. And tonight at 9:30 p.m. (central), he'll be a guest on the SEC Network's show "SEC Film Room." He did the show last year, too, so if you'd like to get a quick look at what to expect tonight, check this out.

Ben Howland, people, Ben Howland! - Ben Howland gave a fairly substantive press conference earlier this week to kick off the basketball season. (Practice starts this week.) You can get a very abbreviated summary of the press conference here, or you can just watch the whole dern thing:

Dap for Mario Haggan - Former MSU linebacker Mario Haggan has been named to the 2015's "SEC Legends" class. If you aren't familiar with Haggan, he was a beast of a linebacker on a beast of defense back in the late 1990s. (The 1999 defense was ridiculous, y'all. 1st nationally in total defense and rushing defense, 2nd in pass defense, and 6th in scoring defense.) Good for Haggan.

I've argued in front of every judge in this state . . . often as a lawyer!

I was in court most of the day yesterday. So now you get this:

Trials of the leisure class consumer

I feel like I'm becoming more and more like Calvin's dad as the years go by.

Speaking of peanut butter . . .

We don't discuss politics too much here at FWTCT. So the name "William Buckley," and all its potential connotations, wouldn't usually have cause to appear in our daily musings.

But I find that Calvin's dad has reminded me of at least one apolitical characteristic that I share with the late Mr. Buckley that warrants inclusion in today's sampling of web-based nonsense—a love of peanut butter.

Perhaps it's a nostalgic thing, a reminder of simpler days. Perhaps it's genetic; my grandfather used to gruffly remind me that if something was good, it was better with peanut butter. Or perhaps it's just because the stuff is manna from heaven, too perfect a food to resist for more than a day or so.

Regardless, I love the stuff. And so did Buckley. So much so, in fact, that he penned one of the great peanut-butter love letters of our time in an 1981 column for his National Review publication. I highly recommend that you read the piece in full, which you can find here. But if nothing else, this tiny kernel of wisdom that may well end up on my headstone is worth sharing on this Wednesday morning, the opening of another day on which you too can choose to partake of the heavenly gift that is peanut butter:

It quite changes your disposition and your view of the world if you cannot have peanut butter every day.