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The Scoreboard Cabanas in Davis Wade Look Pretty Good

Those new Scoreboard Club Terrace Cabanas that MSU is adding? They’re coming together nicely.

scoreboard club cabanas MSU Bulldog Club

Much has been talked about regarding the shiny new Scoreboard Club Terrace Cabanas. They’re the newest addition to Davis Wade Stadium, and they’re a great way of generating revenue for Mississippi State.

It didn’t take long for fans to love these things either. The Scoreboard Club Terrace Cabanas (that is a mouthful to try to say) went and sold out within 48 hours. That means Scott Stricklin brought in $144,000 in two days. MSU earned a lot of money by selling these things, and it is the perfect utilization of what was empty space last season.

But now it is not empty space. It’s full of shiny new cabanas. And those cabanas look good.

Looks like they’re just about set for Saturday and the dawn of college football. All they need to add is a beach and a live concert from Jimmy Buffett. Long live the Scoreboard Terrace Club Cabanas.