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The New Scoreboard Club Terrace Cabanas are Pretty Cool

scoreboard club cabanas MSU Bulldog Club

Scott Stricklin has found a way to use the empty space along the Scoreboard Club walkways. It’s actually pretty simple. I’m not sure why they didn’t implement this last season. Enter the Scoreboard Club Terrace Cabanas:

What exactly is a Scoreboard Club Terrace Cabana? Well, it looks like a pretty nice tailgating setup inside Davis Wade Stadium. Except, you don’t have to do any of the prep work. You, and up to 11 friends, get to enjoy yourselves. According to the MSU Bulldog Club:

The Terrace Cabanas feature a personal luxury space for you to enjoy the atmosphere of Davis Wade Stadium. With the cabana you will have full access to the Scoreboard Club and a locker; however, you will not have a reserved seat within the Scoreboard Club Chairbacks. Catering for the cabanas may be provided by our game day premium space caterer, Southern Foodservice Management, per request.

The Cabanas provide a pretty cool space to hang out, and watch the games.

scoreboard club cabanas MSU Bulldog Club

However, there are a couple of downsides to the new Terrace Cabanas:

  • They aren’t called the Clanga Cabanas. That’s pretty lame.
  • And they are kinda expensive

$18,000 for a season that only has a half dozen home games? That’s a bit of a hefty price tag. Granted, when you break it down with 12 people and assume that all 12 can show up for each game, that’s $250 per person per game. And that’s not absolutely terrible. But it is still expensive.

So, if you can find 11 friends that are all willing to chip in (or if you’re rich), then this is certainly a cool opportunity for you.