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Hi Corbett Field where MSU plays this weekend was scene for parts of 'Major League'

Thanks to Logan Lowery, we now know that Hi Corbett Field where State is playing in the Hi Corbett Classic this weekend, was once the site for filming of one of the best sports movies ever made.

"This guy hits a ton. Why didn't anyone else pick him up? Alright, mix in some curve balls..."

"Get that man some control before he kills someone"
"I've been cut already?"

If you love the movie Major League, then you recognize those lines from the part of the movie where the team is at spring training, and a few of the films most recognizable roles - played by Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes, and Dennis Haysbert - try to make the final cut for the season.

As it turns out, the field where this portion of the film was shot is the same field our own Diamond Dogs will step out on at 3 p.m. this afternoon - Hi Corbett Field.

Hi Corbett Field was the home of spring training for the Cleveland Indians - the team that Major League focuses on - from 1947 to 1992, so it's only natural that the spring training footage would be shot there.

The stadium has undergone numerous renovations and changes since that time, but when an MSU player pops the ball up for an easy out this weekend, we should all be expecting them to drop down and do pushups immediately, ala Willy Mays Hayes.

WARNING: language in clip is NSFW-ish. Just a heads up if you haven't seen the film

[h/t to Logan Lowery]