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T Braden's Gameday Domination (Memphis Edition) - Blue Plate Cafe

TBraden's Gameday Domination (Memphis Ed.) - Blue Plate Cafe

by tbradenbishop

Blue Plate Cafe

Location: 5469 Popular Ave., Memphis, Tennessee 38119. (901.761.9696) *A second location is downtown but it grandeur the level the original carries.

Times: Open seven days a week from 6 a.m. - 2 p.m.


History: The charming yellow and white building that house BPC was built as a private residence in 1954. The home was built by Holiday Inn Founder, Kemmons Wilson. The first owner of the house was Reeves Hughes, Jr. and his wife Elisabeth. The home was considered the "way out to the country". At that time, Popular Ave. was only two lanes wide. Kemmons remember selling the house for approximately $11,000 to William and Rosetta Miner in 1965. BPC opened for business in May 1994 with the concept that folks love a good hot breakfast and southern homestyle cooking. Today, the restaurant is partnered with Debbie Richmond and her well-known artwork with animals and art featuring animals.

This place is your destination for the best pick-me-up in Memphis prior to eating Rice in the afternoon. OK, that was bad. But seriously, this joint will make you party New Year's Eve on Beale and stay overnight to eat here again.

First, BPC gives us some "Rules of Life". Here are a few according to their newspaper menu they distribute:
No. 1 - Wake up. Show up. Pay attention.
No. 4 - Get an education.
No. 7 - Know your weaknesses and overcome them.
No. 11 - Don't sweat the same stuff.
No. 13 - Acquire patience and serenity.

After becoming a better person at the table, you can trek through the menu and be a bad person as you devour stacks of flapjacks or outrageous omelets.

Must-eats: As mentioned, breakfast is served at any time. Pancakes, eggs, waffles, french toast, juices and fruit, and omelets headline their hottest sellers. Hot, light and fluffy pancakes, made from scratch, are served with creamy whipped butter and warm maple syrup. May we suggest knocking out the plain, jane old fashioned buttermilks. You can buy them in threes or fives. If you enjoy additions try the blueberry, butter pecan, banana, or swiss chocolate chip jacks. If carbcakes aren't your cup-o-tea, go directly to their omelets. Three eggs fluffed to perfection and mixed with hearty cheese or sausage or spinach, or bacon will bring you up to speed no matter how crazy you night before was. Probably the best news about the omelets are the sides: these babies are served with biscuits and sawmill gravy and your choice of homestyle hash browns, grits, or three (YES, THREE) buttermilk pancakes. Omelets are seriously your best bet. If breakfast ain't yo thang, lunch and dinner are served at 11 a.m.

Beware: Get there early. Parking is absolutely killer if you're super hungry. Just sayin'.

Eat, Ring, and Be Merry.

Blue Plate Cafe