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REPORT: MSU to the Liberty Bowl all but official

This may have been the worst kept secret re: MSU's bowl destination in recent years, and it looks like MSU is all but certain of going to the AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

Grant Halverson

Whispers have run rampant all week that Mississippi State's likely bowl destination would be located in Memphis in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl, and as the week has progressed, stronger signs have emerged to support the theory that State will be headed back to Memphis for the first time since 2007 later this December.

Matt Stevens with the Columbus Dispatch yesterday reported that sources have told the Dispatch that MSU is anticipating an invitation to the Liberty Bowl for its December 31st game this year.  The report follows up widespread rumors on nearly all MSU message boards that State was heading back to the Liberty Bowl.

In addition to the Dispatch report, there was also this from MSU football color analyst and Head to Head radio host Matt Wyatt on Twitter yesterday:

That may be nitpicking, or it may be just over-reading a joke between two people on Twitter.  Or, it could, in fact, be another confirmation of what we already suspect: that MSU will be bowling in Memphis.

We're now just two days away from finding out officially where we're going, but as of now, it looks like we can put our money on the Liberty.  The only other viable option for State is the BBVA Compass Bowl, and there's been little to no talk at all about the Bulldogs heading that way for the holidays.

Of course anything could still happen, but two days out from official announcements, it looks like it's December 31st in Memphis over January 4th in Birmingham.