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Since it's Kentucky week, let us pay homage to the greatest postgame interview ever

This is why we miss you at MSU, Boobie.

It's time for our annual battle with our "rivals" Kentucky, and when this game comes around each year, I like to head to YouTube to remember one of the good times. In Dan Mullen's first year, Mississippi State went to Lexington on Halloween night in 2009 and came away with a 31-24 victory over the Kentucky Wildcats. That win was largely spirited by one MSU legend Anthony "Boobie" Dixon, who set a single-game school record with 252 yards that night. After the game was over, the sideline reporter wisely found Dixon to ask him about the night and what it meant to him. How he responded was pure Boobie.

Oh and while we're talking about him we should say congrats to Boobie on the opportunity in Buffalo this week! We know you'll do it big.