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Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss: Egg Bowl Opening Odds

This year's Egg Bowl will be a fight, and the opening line seems to indicate that oddsmakers are aware of that as well.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Mississippi State has opened at even with Ole Miss for next week's Egg Bowl matchup in Oxford, according to betting site

The line has already moved to -1 in favor of the Bulldogs, however it is likely to fluctuate again this week.  The Bulldogs are coming off of a 51-0 trouncing of the Vanderbilt Commodores at home, while the Rebels are a day removed from a bad 30-0 loss to Arkansas in Fayetteville.

Given what we saw yesterday from both teams, I was a bit surprised by the line opening at even.  However, this is a rivalry game, and this game was really competitive last year, so it looks like the bettors are expecting another fight to the finish like 2013 was.  Three points are typically given in the home team's favor, so this is essentially a -3 for State, if I understand betting correctly (which I do not, probably).

It's easy to see what happened to Ole Miss yesterday and expect an easy Bulldog win, but again, this is a rivalry game, and they'll certainly be looking to spoil MSU's shot at a playoff spot.  Plus, I'm certain the Rebels will be seeking revenge for how last year's game ended.

The Bulldogs and Rebels are set to kickoff on Saturday, November 29th at 2:30 on CBS with your senile uncle Verne and creepy older Rob LoweIMEAN Gary Danielson.