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Predicting the unpredictable - MSU remaining target predictions

Get my predictions here on where the top targets left on MSU's board are going.

Recruiting writer JLgrindin takes a guess at the percentage chance that Elijah Daniel (pictured above) and other MSU targets end up in Starkville
Recruiting writer JLgrindin takes a guess at the percentage chance that Elijah Daniel (pictured above) and other MSU targets end up in Starkville
SB Nation Recruiting (Bud Elliot)

Today I will be putting a percentage chance on where I think the players that MSU is still recruiting will end up. I will put a percentage chance that they end up at MSU, then I will tell how I think their recruitment ends. Enjoy and give me your feedback.

MacKensie Alexander [4-star CB | Immokalee, FL] - 50%

Mackensie is a 4-star cornerback from south Florida. A few weeks ago, his percentage would have been considerably lower. It is actually rising by the day, it seems. MSU is making him a priority and that seems to be to his liking. He visits this weekend and something could happen. Clemson is still on him hard and Auburn is coming on late.

Mackenro Alexander [3-star S | Immokalee, FL] - 50%

Mackenro is the twin brother of Mackensie. They say they will play together, hence why their percentages are the same. Mackenro will visit with Mackensie this weekend and the two might stick together, at least that is what MSU is selling them on. It is unclear if Clemson is coming after Mackenro, so that could be an advantage MSU has here.

Josh Dobbs [4-star QB | Alpharetta, GA] - 60%

The long time Arizona State quarterback commit has had long time interest in MSU. MSU should know something soon with him. His family would like him to stay close to home so MSU is a real possibility. There is also a baseball offer on the table from Stanford. If he continues to wait to make a decision, you may see MSU move on to the next guy at this position on the chart.

John O'Korn [3-star QB | Ft. Lauderdale, FL] - 40%

You see that O'Korn and Dobbs add up to 100%. That is because it has come down to these two guys I feel for the second QB MSU will take in this class. If MSU moves on from Dobbs, O'Korn is the guy. If they pass on Dobbs, then O'Korn's percentage would go up.

Tony Conner [5-star S | Batesville, MS] - 20%

Tony is from South Panola. He has long favored Alabama and Ole Miss. MSU was all but out, but now Deshea Townsend is at MSU and will get them a visit. He still is likely headed for Oxford.

Elijah Daniel [5-star DE | Avon, IN] - 35%

Daniel has recently announced that he could commit soon, with Sunday being the likely day. Ole Miss is the team to beat here, as their recruiting momentum and potential addition of Robert Nkemdiche has caught his attention. Florida is still in this, as well as Indiana, but it will come down to Ole Miss and MSU.

Jalen Ramsey [4-star CB | Brentwood, TN] - 5%

It appears the USC commit is being fought over by the likes of Florida, Bama, and Tennessee now. A former teammate and current UF commit, Max Staver, feels that his friend is headed to Gainesville. However, Starkville isn't his likely destination.

Jahmere Irvin-Sills [3-star CB | Elkton, MD] - 75%

Sills appears to be ready to be a Bulldog, but MSU is holding off for now to see how the spots shake out. The Alexander twins could prevent him from being included in this class, but maybe not. He will be one to watch over the next week.

De'Runnya Wilson [3-star WR | Bimringham, AL] - 40%

MSU lead for Wilson for a long time and WRs coach Tim Brewster is recruiting him hard, but the in-state Auburn Tigers are close to home and appear to have gained an edge, and are currently the team to beat. However, MSU has recruited him hard and will continue to do so until signing day.