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QB prospect John O'Korn says no to visit, MSU offer

The 3-star prospect out of St. Thomas Aquinas in Ft. Lauderdale had been the target of heavy MSU interest as of late, but decided late Thursday night to stick with his commitment to Houston.

Grant Halverson

Mississippi State's quest to sign a second quarterback prospect in the class of 2013 took another big hit last night as 3-star Ft. Lauderdale signal caller John O'Korn announced that he would not be taking anymore visits, and that he would be sticking with his original commitment to the Houston Cougars.

O'Korn has been committed to the Cougars since last summer, and up until earlier this week, was all but assuredly going there. On Tuesday, however, Mississippi State officially offered O'Korn a scholarship -- an offer that had long been expected by many. The thought was that O'Korn would at least want to visit, and if so, would most likely flip his commitment to MSU. O'Korn decided however to stick with Houston Thursday, and will not be visiting Starkville or any other campus for that matter before he signs with the Cougars on February 6.

As an MSU fan, I have to say that I'm disappointed. Not in O'Korn, but in the fact that MSU is now looking at yet another potential whiff in the QB recruiting department. I will say this about O'Korn -- he seemed to have thought things completely over, and handled the process with class and a maturity that I'm sure the majority of us would not have possessed at that age. I certainly wish him the best of luck at Houston and in all future endeavors.

Back to MSU's QB situation -- it seems to be a mess at the moment. The issue, as we've stated here often already, is that Cord Sandberg, the lone commit and expect QB signee thus far, is an excellent baseball player, and there is worry that if he gets drafted high enough this summer, that he will not ever see campus. That would leave MSU with two scholarship quarterbacks and probably a last minute walk-on, leaving State dangerously thin at that position. Although many worry that Sandberg will never step foot on campus, there seems to be more and more momentum behind the fact that he very well could end up in Starkville. If that happens, then all this worry by Bulldog fans over signing a second quarterback in this class will have been for naught. BUT, until June we won't know his decision either way, and should MSU not sign that second QB, there will be a lot of fans sweating it out between now and early summer.