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Zack Greenlee sticks with Fresno State commitment

The Stockton, California native got a late offer and took a visit to MSU last weekend, but has ultimately decided to stay with his original commitment to the Fresno State variety of Bulldogs.

Greenlee sticks with Fresno State
Greenlee sticks with Fresno State
SBNation Recruiting - Bud Elliot

It looks like recent commit Damian Williams will be the last quarterback to join the Mississippi State class of 2013, as Stockton, California native Zack Greenlee has decided to stick with his pledge to Fresno State.

The 6'2" 185 lb QB out of Lincoln HS got an offer from Mississippi State late last week, and opted to take a visit to Starkville this past weekend. His visit coincided with the visit of at-the-time Southern Miss commit Damian Williams, as both had become hot targets on MSU's board. That development came after QB's Joshua Dobbs and John O'Korn opted to either stick with their current commitments or to visit elsewhere. State moved on both Williams and Greenlee right away, and both came in for the visit this past weekend.

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Despite Williams commitment just hours after he left campus this past Sunday, MSU would have most certainly taken Greenlee in this class as well. The Bulldogs were still in hot pursuit of Greenlee as of yesterday, as MSU offensive coordinator Les Koennig was in Greenlee's home last night. Even with Williams aboard, it's understandable that MSU would continue to pursue Zack. For starters, he is an Elite11 and Under Armor AA game participating QB, and you never walk away from talent like that. And secondly, should Sandberg opt for pro baseball this summer, MSU would have had room easily for both Williams and Greenlee.

With just two quarterbacks -- rising senior Tyler Russell and rising RS-sophomore Dak Prescott -- on the roster after the transfer of Jamil Golden, MSU could have theoretically taken all three quarterbacks in this class, but the worry that Greenlee would have been buried on the depth chart was a valid one. Should Cord Sandberg opt for college next fall, Greenlee most likely would have been facing a redshirt along with Williams, and would have battled for a starting spot for his entire career. That is a lot to ask of a guy coming from across the country to play there. There was a possibility that MSU could have moved the athletic Williams to another position should Greenlee have decided to pledge with State, but that is a non-factor now, as he is sticking with the local Bulldogs. Best of luck to him there at Fresno State.

Personally, I still think Mississippi State got the best quarterback for the spread-option offensive system that Mullen runs. Again, Greenlee is an ultra-talented guy, and State would have loved to have him, but Williams is the better dual-threat quarterback of the two, and that type of skill set better fits the Mullen offense. Greenlee could have come in and operated the offense in the style that Tyler Russell did this past season, but for the Mullen spread-option to truly work at 100% efficiency, you need a guy with the run threat, and Williams, like Dak Prescott, has that ability.

MSU is now likely done at the quarterback position for the class of 2013.